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IAESTE Tunisia is run by students, all positions on the board

and the majority of activities are carried out by professionals

and student volunteers from the National Engineering School

of Tunis in addition to their studies.

In this way IAESTE provides them the opportunity to gain

experience in multiple areas such as project management and

 team work, even before getting out of the auditorium into the

big wide world!

Nowadays, IAESTE Tunisia manages over 150 exchanges per

year in order to fulfill the needs of its companies and applicants.


  IAESTE Tunisia Aims :

  To provide students in higher education with technical experience relevant to their studies.

  To offer employers well-qualified and motivated trainees.

  To be a source of cultural enrichment for trainees and their host communities.


Join the IAESTE world!

Apply now  and take the  opportunity  for an  internship   during your  studies to  gain work experience,

know a foreign culture while practicing your language  skills and don’t  miss your chance to  collaborate

with an intense business contacts.

International character, teamwork and taking responsibility is what makes IAESTE a great experience.


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