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Company commitments

The only commitments bidders for the company or institution are:

-  Accept a foreign student who meets the requirements of the offer.

-  Assign the  student  tasks commensurate  with  their  training and

   mentoring to ensure their work.

-  Provide the student with the economic aid mentioned in the offer.




Parameters to specify

The company collaborating with the IAESTE program has the freedom to set certain parameters according to its professional needs. These parameters are proposed to the student and must conform to agreed characteristics


The company determines the duration of the internship by a time interval or a predetermined number of weeks which is from a minimum of 6 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks.


Besides the duration of the internship, the company also sets the period of the traineeship within the months of June, July or August.

The nominated student could propose specific dates adjusted to the duration and period offered by the company.


The company can apply for any of the specialties (.pdf) that includes the exchange program, may also include multiple specialties within a range of practices. Example: Civil Engineering or Architecture or Foreman.

In addition, it is also necessary to indicate the required level of training: beginning, middle or end of career.


The company may request one or more languages according to its needs or geographic location. However, English is often the only language required in most countries because it increases the chances of the company to find a candidate that fits your supply.


The student will receive financial assistance for the implementation of practices. The minimum payment is calculated from the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each country and must cover the basic costs arising from the stay. In the case of Tunisia the minimum wage is 350 TND per month.

Other requirements

This field may include  requirements specific to the task during practice: knowledge of specific software, specific topics, skills, etc.


Sponsor us

IAESTE Tunisia is a fully student run not-for profit association and as such requires sponsorship,

grants, and other help in order to continue offering this amazing opportunity to Tunisian students

and likewise for internationals to visit Tunisia.

Outgoing Celebration, 2014

Being our partner allows you to:

- Gain  further International renown.

- Exhibit your products and services on a national and international levels, this could include 

promotions, through advertising your firm or organization on our website, flyers and other

media, and last but not least through word of mouth.

- Connect with the student community while emphasizing your social responsibility.

We are open for discussion, and we hope to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and meet our extraordinary team.

Cooperate with us

A company that decides to adopt a foreign trainee, determines itself, the time and the duration of practice, depending on its needs and abilities.In addition, she defines the profile of the candidate, including specialty and years of study, the required language skills and additional skills. 

Adopting a foreign student brings mutual benefits for the companies and the organizations:

- The practice creates the opportunity to learn from another point of view, the production methods and solving similar problems in other parts of the world.

- An opportunity to establish new contacts for both large and growing companies.

- Company employees can improve their language skills through the contact with the foreign trainee.

- Employees of the company have the opportunity to establish contact with people representing different cultures and countries.

- During the summer,the trainee could perform the duties of employees who are on leave.

- All the formalities concerning the practice are made by the Tunisian IAESTE Committee.

It is worth noting that IAESTE Tunisia takes care of the formalities related to the adoption of a foreigner. We also arrange accommodation and care of the non-formal apprentice.

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