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Once arrived

     Once your airplane lands, there will be an IAESTE member
     who  will  pick  you  up  and  take  you  to  your lodging.
     At the airport, you will  get  your  money changed and buy
     a  Tunisian  Sim  Card.


IAESTE Tunisia offers a wide range of activities to the trainees.

Every weekend during the summer, specially organized events will take place in and around Tunisia.


IAESTE Tunisia organizes Trips to different regions of Tunisia.

Destinations include: Carthage, Bizerte, Hammamet, Kelibia, Sousse, Tabarka, Monastir…etc.


The South Trip is the most famous trip of IAESTE Tunisia:

four days in the South of Tunisia.



    All the trainees will be lodged in the same building in a region near the sea.


This offers our trainees a lot of activities throughout the week;

cooking  together,  celebrating  birthday  parties  together,

shopping   together  and  having  goodbye   parties.

The main aim of the cultural program is to get to know new 

people, new places and different cultures to truly connect

people from across the world!


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